Temperament get-along

Getting along with others, especially who are not like us, is one of the most valuable qualities in our personal and professional lives.

How to Get-Along with Others

Especially those who have a different temperament than us

We are hardwired to connect. We are hardwired to feel connected. And Getting along with the people around us is the key to connect and feel connected. Here we will try to understand how we can be connected and feel connected by understanding our own selves and others around us.


If you have already self-assessed yourself, the following will help you correlate with the Temperament Glossary;
PP, PC, PM & PP :

PS: Popular Temperament  (Popular Sanguine)
PC: Powerful Temperament  (Powerful Choleric)
PM: Perfect Temperament (Perfect Melancholy)
PP: Peaceful Temperament (Peaceful Phlegmatic)

(In case you are yet to self-assess yourself, you can do so by choosing the assessment tab at the bottom of this page)

Let’s Explore How to Get Along with Those Who are Not Like Us

Getting Along with POPULAR Temperament

  • Recognizing their Difficulty in Accomplishing Tasks.
  • Realize They Talk without Thinking First.
  • Realize They Like Variety and Flexibility.
  • Help Them to Keep from Accepting More Than They Can Do.
  • Don’t Expect Them to Remember Appointments or Be on Time.
  • Praise Them for Everything They Accomplish.
  • Realize They Mean Well.

Getting Along with POWERFUL  Temperament

  • Recognize They Are Born Leaders.
  • Insist on Two-Way communication.
  • Know They Don’t Mean to Hurt.
  • Don’t Push your Luck.
  • Try to Divide Areas of Responsibility.
  • Realize They Are not Compassionate.
  • Know They are Always Right.

Getting Along with PERFECT  Temperament

  • Know That They Are Very Sensitive and Get Hurt Easily.
  • Realize They Are Programmed with a Pessimistic Attitude.
  • Compliment Them Sincerely and Lovingly.
  • Accept That They Like It Quiet Sometimes.
  • Enjoy Quite.
  • Try to Keep a Reasonable Schedule.
  • Realize That Neatness Is a Necessity.
  • Help Them Not To Become Slaves to the Family.

Getting Along with PEACEFUL  Temperament

  • Realize They Need Direct Motivation.
  • Help Them Set Goals and Make Rewards.
  • Don’t Expect Enthusiasm.
  • Realize That Putting Things Off is Their Form of Quiet Control.
  • Force Them to Make Decisions.
  • Don’t Heap All the Blame on Them.
  • Encourage Them to Accept Responsibility.


Getting along with those who are not like us is one of those qualities which comes before anything else. As we are social animals and born to connect with other individuals our ability to deal with, getting along with, and live with others harmoniously is one of the most important aspects of our happy and peaceful life. 

Do remember that the above suggestions to deal with and get along with others are based on understanding and not compromise. It emphasizes on developing empathy and making sure that we are not trapped in seeing the world from our own perspective only.

And one thing more, as emphasized above already, it is strictly to deal with and get along others and not for manipulating and suppressing in any way.

Best wishes again for the journey ahead.

The Probable Next Step!

If you are on the journey of knowing and understanding yourself by understanding your Inborn Temperament, do go deep in knowing about all The Four Temperament so as to get a complete big picture of Nature and Nurture. If you are already working with your coach, make sure you do discussion, debate, questioning, seek clarity and reach to a mutual conclusion about your own Inborn Temperament.

Remember Knowing and understanding our own selves is the first step towards knowing and understanding people around us.