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Nurturing The Human Side of Enterprise

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Hi, This is Mahesh Sharma, Founder & Chief Mentor of The Academy. I welcome you on this page which is exclusively designed to give you an in-depth view of our Learning Solutions for Corporate and SMEs. This page is all about what we have to offer as learning solutions for Corporate, SMEs and Educational and Professional institutes. All the programs are based on the principals of nurturing the human side of enterprise.

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Being effective is no longer optional

Being effective is no longer optional in today’s world – its the price of entry to the playing field. Surviving, thriving, innovating, excelling, and leading in this new reality will require us to build on and reach beyond effectiveness. It’s about fulfillment, passionate execution, and significant contribution. As we have entered into Kowlege-Worker age, to tap into the higher reaches of human genius and motivation requires a new mindset, a new skill-set, and a new tool-set.

The Significant Challenge Today

“In a few hundred years when the history of our time is written from a long-term perspective, the most important those historian will see is not technology, not the Internet not e-commerce. It is an unprecendented change in the human condition. For the first time rapidly growing numbers of people have choices. For the first time, they will have to manage themselves – And the society is totally unprepared for it.” – Peter Drucker, One of the greatest management thinkers of our time.

The Biggest Asset of Knowledge Worker Age : The People

We are amidst the fourth stage of civilization, namely the Information/Knowledge Worker Age. Our journey through the last three ages – Hunter and Gatherer Age, Agricultural Age and Industrial Age – had given us enough insights that how drastic the changes took place and how we had no choice but to adapt to those changes not to thrive but to even survive. And if we don’t adapt we will see not only failure but even extinction.

The biggest change from the Industrial Age to Information-Knowledge Worker age has come in the form of what we consider our biggest and most valuable asset. In the Industrial Age, the most valuable assets were Capital, Plant, Machinery & Processes – called the Things. If you had your Capital, Plants, Machinery, and Processes in place you are ahead of the pack. But now in the Information/Knowledge Worker Age, “The most valuable assets we have, are our People”.

And here is the challenge. We currently live in a Knowledge Worker Age but operate our organisation in a controlling Industrial Age Model that absolutely suppress the release of human potential.

The Problem with Owners & Managers

The problem with most of the Owners and Managers today is, they are still applying the Industrial Age control model to Knowledge Workers. Because many in positions of authority do not see the true worth and potential of their people and do not possess a complete and accurate understanding of human nature. They manage people as they do manage things.

And what happens when you treat ‘people’ like ‘things’ :

  • It insults them
  • It alienates them
  • It depersonalizes work
  • It creates a low-trust, unionized and litigious culture
  • It makes them sick
  • It devalues their potential
  • It made them believe leadership as a position and not as a choice
  • It lowers their self-esteem and self-respect 
  • It initiates the process of blame
  • It discourages them to take initiatives
  • It dis-empowers them

And when this all happens, it becomes a culture that is not effective, productive, innovative, and coherent. The best people in the organization start to leave and those who stay work at their survival mode.

Addressing the Main issue

To address this most painful issue of today’s management, the first and foremost step is to change our perspective towards our people. Stop seeing them as ‘things‘ and start seeing them as “human being”.

Human beings are four-dimensional – body, mind, heart, and spirit – and not things needed to be motivated and controlled.

There is a direct connection between controlling the “thing” mindset that dominates today’s workplace and the inability of managers and organisations to inspire their people to volunteer their highest talents and contributions?

The answer is simple. People make choices. Consciously or subconsciously, people decide how much of themselves they will give to their work depending on how they are treated and on their opportunities to use all four parts of their nature. And these choices range from rebelling or quitting to creating excitement and contribution.

Our Approach: The whole Person Paradigm

People as Humans, not Things

Here at The Academy, we advocate, promote, encourage, and design the learning solutions keeping in mind The Whole Personal Paradigm. We see people of the organization as people with choices and with body, mind, heart, and spirit. We help Owners and Managers to see their people in their true nature and also assist them in designing learning programs which addresses the four basic needs and motivations of all people: to live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy.

Not merely motivation and inspiration but results

Our programs are not merely motivational speeches or inspirational experiences, but result-oriented, shift-creating and culture building and strengthening initiatives.

Best from the fields of emotions, behavior, and management to nurture the human side of enterprise 

Taking reference and insights from hands-on experience, years of working in the fields of emotions, behavior, personal performance coaching & internal motivation and also from the close association of professionals, business owners and stalwarts of their respective fields, the learning programs are designed to help bring best out of people, building high trust and coherent culture, enhanced productivity and effectiveness and raise the sense of contribution and belongingness.

Seeing the organization as a living and breathing entity

We are committed and dedicated to seeing the organization as a living and breathing entity and focused on strengthening the bonds through trust, respect, and contribution throughout.

Our Programs

Core Learning Solutions


As each organization is unique and so is their training and learning needs. We understand this and take customization very seriously. After training need analysis, we discuss with stakeholders ad share with their our understanding and the most suitable programs to address that need. Here is a piece of brief information about some of our flagship programs which we call Core Learning Solutions and also about some specialized program that caters to special needs of the organization. Please have a look at the brief to have an idea of what these programs are aimed at and focused on.


There are two programs in this category and both cater to the leadership of the organization. But while one focuses on established leaders, the other one is for the next line of leadership.

  • Lead from the front – for established leaders
  • Lead to grow – for an upcoming line of leaders

we can discuss how they are structured, their content and their delivery methodology, and also what results in they are able to bring.


In this segment these are flagship programs which touches the organisation excellence through personal effectiveness. These programs are also termed as ‘mass orientation behavioral excellence programs’ as these are for everyone in the organisation in almost every department. They focus on enhancing individual excellence and making sure that the individual excellence is channeled to increase the overall productivity of the organisation.

  • Achieving Organisational Excellence Through Personal Effectiveness– Mass Orientation Behavioral Excellence Program
  • Win Big with People – For those who deal with people. This program caters to the specific needs of those departments who deal with peole direclty. like
    • * Sales and Marketing
    • * Front Line & Front Desk Employees
    • * HR Personnel & Counselors
    • * Upcoming leaders
    • * Front Line & Front Desk Employees
    • * Network Marketing professionals
    • * Anyone who deals with people in any capacity


This is also a flagship program and caters to any size team of the organization. This program focuses on the team dynamics and delivers on the principle of “The best team is not where you have the best of your people. The best team is that team whose members get along with each other well.”

  • Maximum Achievement – Team Building, management, and leading program


Communication is one of the most important aspects when it comes to effectiveness and productivity. And not only that if we talk about trust and co-dependency, but communication also plays a hugely important role in that too. This program caters to the need of effective and impactful communication of the organization.

  • Many Deliver but only a few connect – The main role of communication is to connect on deeper level

Specialized Programs

For long lasting results and and change to take place we need individual and group coaching alongside of training and motivation. Many a times coaching  is what addresses the issue which no other method can address as effectiveness. Here we identifies where the organisation needs coaching intervention and provide coaching programs for junior, medium and senior level executives.

Connect with us here for more details. 

These programs and workshops are on special topics which when introduced or emphasized in the organization, produce an overwhelming response and act as a catalyst in addressing those invisible aspects of teams and individuals which make them more effective and productive. Well planned and designed independent workshops and seminars on these topics on a constant basis will make sure those aspects of human behavior, nature and emotions are constantly looked after which generally are overlooked in day to day functioning of the organization. Here are a few examples for your reference :

  • ** Energy Psychology workshops
  • ** Emotional Intelligence workshops
  • ** Mindfulness workshops and retreats
  • ** Mediation workshop and events
  • ** Stress management workshops
  • ** Conflict Resolution workshops
  • ** Health and wellness workshops

For more details and requirements of the specific workshop, you can connect with us here.


These speaking engagements are specifically designed to motivate, inspire, and spread awareness about certain subjects that needs people’s attention in the organization. Presented in one or two hours format these speaking engagements can easily be fit in tight schedules and also added to other organization events to bring even greater values from those workshops and seminars.

Please connect with us here for more details on these brief speaking engagements.

Outbound training and retreats are a great way to bring excitement, enthusiasm, and a sense of belonging to the teams and individuals. The carefully selected locations and meticulously designed programs make these training workshops an ultimate tool to bring freshness and add value to the existing learning and development initiative of the organization. These training and workshops also become highly anticipated events from the teams snd individuals.

And as outbound training are useful the online trainings are also becoming a new norm to train, educate, and motivate the teams and individuals. We bring certain specific training and educational online training which become an indispensable part of the organization’s curriculum.

What Participants Has to Say

The workshop was presented by Mr. Mahesh in a way that is equally engaging and deep. I was constantly engaged in others opinions and hurt myself, but After knowing the truth  I actually started loving myself, and it feels great.

Shweta Sarswat
EFT Workshop Participant, Agra

It’s a very good experience for me, to attend this workshop and I will love to tell others (friends and relatives) to attend it. It was presented by Mr. Mahesh Sharma in a very engaging and understanding way and I suggest and highly recommend that we should have this kind of workshop for senior citizens also.

Davinder Bhagat
Reflexologist, New Delhi

Very impressive and practical.  The techniques imparted are helpful.  Nice effort by Mr. Mahesh Sharma to enlighten us in the beginning of our careers.

Smitha Kumaran
Power Professional, NPTI, Faridabad

It is an excellent workshop delivered in an equally excellent and engaging way, from the point that whatever has been said by great saints like Budha etc, was scientifically and logically taught & understood with Mr. Mahesh Sharma, keeping in mind today’s most modern technical world and have been accepted by all participants.  If practiced, no doubt, would improve the Excellency of human being.

NR Halder
Deputy Director, National Power Training Institute, Faridabad

Your workshop sharpens our skills which no doubt lies in every human being.  Though I am little bit more aware of the facts and pleased to note that I am already on the right direction to best utilize my nature to the path which lead me nearer to the almighty God.

Lalit Kumar Gulati
NTPC Ltd, New Delhi

Excellent workshop.  Such type of workshop to be organized in regular interval.  This type of workshop should be of  no less than three days.  Faculty member, Mr. Mahesh Sharma of this program were really excellent.  I have attended the first program of such type in my life.  Really it is a great program.

Vijay Kumar
Dy. Manager, NTPC Ltd, New Delhi.

I took great pleasure to sit through your talk during India Emerge Youth Summit 2013 held at VIT University, Vellore. I would like to express just how much I and the rest of the group enjoyed your presentation. I found that your talk was one of the most engaging that I have ever had the privilege to listen to, and found myself captivated and inspired by every word. I offer my thanks for taking the time to talk to us, and I hope to see you back with us at some time in the near future.

Aswin TN
Ex. Student, Vellore Institute of Technology.

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Meet The Workshop Designer & Facilitator

Mahesh Sharma

Mahesh Sharma

Founder & Chief Mentor

Hi. This is Mahesh Sharma and I am glad to introduce myself as Personal Performance Coach, Speaker & Trainer and I thank you to have visited this page and explored some of the important stuff regarding the new shift already arrived in the arena of Human Side of Enterprise. I hope you and your organization must be already in the process of that shift in mindset, attitude, and perspective.  As it was already mentioned above that the learning Programs developed here at The Academy are focused on taking the Whole Person in consideration, I want to also add here that these programs are not only training or motivational programs, these are result oriented projects to bring the best out of the people, building high trust and coherent culture, enhanced productivity and effectiveness and raise the sense of contribution and belonging. 

I hope the information shared above has given you the base of our approach to corporate learning and helped you in your decision to take the next step, which is to have a personal one-on-one conversation regarding your need and the development of learning and training solutions for that particular need. Here I am glad to invite you to connect with me personally and send your query, concern, or message. I will make sure that I will personally interact with you at a designated time and date and try to understand your learning needs in a better way.

Meanwhile, if you need some more information about me, my official profile, my way of delivery, and how can I be useful to you and your organisation, in case you choose to appoint me as the learning facilitator, I invite you to explore further by clicking the following respective links. I honor and respect your time you are spending here and it will be my pleaseure to interact with you personally.

Looking forward to having a meaningful personal or professional relationship irrespective of whether we work together or not.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Mahesh Sharma
Founder & Chief Mentor