Mental & Emotional Health Awareness Campaign

An initiative to encourage and inspire ourselves to reach out and help those who may be facing challenges on an emotional and psychological level and are finding themselves lonely & unclear in this crowded, chaotic, and fast-paced world around.


Mental & Emotional Health Awareness Campaign

I welcome you to this exclusive page of a very close to my heart initiative which I started in the year 2008.

Mehac (मेहक) is an initiative to encourage and inspire ourselves to reach out and help those who may be facing challenges on an emotional and psychological level and are finding themselves lonely & unclear in this crowded, chaotic, and fast-paced world around.

It was born out of understanding and observation that most of us were not taking mental and emotional health as seriously as we were taking physical health. I observe people focus on and give emphasis on doing physical exercises, yoga, and other outdoor activities, like running, playing, and challenging their body to keep themselves fit, but literary no emphasis is given on developing mental and emotional resilience. Even the name of emotional was foreign to most of us.

Though we know intuitively that emotions and mental health play a huge and vital role not only in living a meaningful and truly healthy life but also is very important for us as a society. We generally see people who are physically very fit, even goes to the gym regularly, do their medical checkups at regular intervals, and even have the best of healthcare facilities available to them, suddenly collapse or go into depression or commit suicide. The reason must have been something else them physical fitness. And there comes the role of emotional and mental health, which remains very secret with the person. And when it reaches the boiling point, it is already very late.

As I was working in the field of inherent behaviors and emotions for quite some time, these observations encouraged me to do what I could do to increase awareness about mental and emotional well-being among masses. And that was the birth of MEHAC, Which is the short form of the Mental & Emotional Health Awareness Campaign.

Well, it is a surprise that even today after more than a decade, still the awareness of mental and emotional well-being is not sufficient as it should be but this Pandemic time has given us a shock and forced us to see what is stored inside of us. In the year 2020 when the Pandemic broke out, most of us have to face the realities which are lying inside of us. The realities of our own negative unresolved emotions, our own vulnerabilities of having strong and deep relationships, and also our inability to live happily and in peace with our own selves.

So today as it is being cleared day by day that mental and emotional well-being is as important or in most cases more important than physical health, I think it is our responsibility to not only take charge of our own mental and emotional well-being but encourage, inspire and aware others to take charge of their mental and emotional well-being. Because this is something which is inside of us and not seen outside until it is late.

With the help of workshops, seminars, group sessions, and personal coaching, I am doing my bit to make sure that each day, this information and awareness should reach more and more people, even if it is only one person at a time. I am also encouraging my fellow travelers to reach their family, friends, and acquaintances with such awareness in their respective capacity.

With a hope that the small effort of each one of us adds to the efforts of those who are tirelessly and selflessly working in the respective fields, doing research, and coming out with new findings to help all of humanity. Though its a big task but what I think is if we as individuals are able to reach and make even one person aware about taking charge of his/her mental and emotional well-being, this will create a huge difference and may not only reclaims a life but in many cases saves a life.

So if you are reading this and still with me, accept my gratitude and I hope you will do whatever you can do not only to take charge of your own emotional and mental well-being but also spread this awareness, at your individual level, to as many people as you can. And that way we all can contribute to making ourselves and others emotionally resilient and tough to tackle these tough times.

Accept my gratitude and best wishes.


Your fellow traveler 

Mahesh Sharma
Coach | Humanist | Researcher

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