Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience.

– Denis Waitley

Our Outside (World) is The Exact Reflection 

of Our Inside (World)

Global Expert Panel (GEP)

This platform invites those who have some expertise under their sleeves. Who consider them excellent in something and know from inside that they can call themselves experts in that particular field of their choice. The fields can be in any area, any discipline, any walk of life, or in any professional arena.

Examples of expertise are expert in marketing, surgery, speaking, teaching, negotiation, diving, writing, building companies, cooking, leading big teams etc., anything which you have been doing for long and became so good in it that others find you as an authority in that field and seek your services or guidance and are happy to pay for it. (GEP)

Meet Our Continuous Learning Experts


Bhawna Sharma

writer | educator | speaker

Meet Bhawna Sharma.

Born and brought up in NCR, Bhawna Sharma is a graduate in English honors and pursuing her Master’s in the same. She has the expertise in English language and is an author, a public speaking trainer, EFT Practitioner a content writer. 

Location: Delhi/NCR, INDIA
Profession: Educator
Email id:

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Mahesh Sharma

Mahesh Sharma

life Coach | Speaker | Trainer

Meet Mahesh Sharma.

He is a personal performance coach for more than a decade and has expertise in the areas of emotional health and wellbeing, temperament studies, and nurturing the human side of the enterprise. He is passionate about exploring nature and seeker of understanding of human behavior.

Location: Surat, Gujarat, INDIA
Profession: Coach | Speaker | Trainer
Contact Number: +91 9311956781
Email id:
Personal Website:
Research Portal:

To know more about him & his work please visit his profile here

Chhaya Goyal

Chhaya Goyal

vaastu consultnt | astrologer

Meet Chhaya Goyal,

She is an internationally renowned Vaastu expert and Geopathic Stress Consultant. She is also an expert in the fields of Reiki, Foreign Energy Dynamics, Astro-Vaastu, Numerology, Astrology, and Pyra-Vaastu. Her vast academic background (M.Sc. in Mathematics & M.B.A.) helps her effectively merge the traditional sciences of Vaastu along with Modern science and Management principles.

Location: Delhi/NCR, INDIA
Profession: Vaastu Consultant
Expertise in: Numerology, Astrology, Vaastu, Earth Energy Balancing Geopathy
Email id:

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Bhoomika GEP

Bhoomika Diwan


Meet Bhoomika Diwan,

Brought up in Chandigarh, she is an Agile Coach/Scrum Master and has been part of many agile transformations. She loves to help teams discover how to maximize value from applying Agile principles. She leverages curiosity and transparency to help people self-organize and achieve ever-higher levels of performance and purpose. She is pursuing ICF-CLC for her coaching passion.

Location:  She travels to work everywhere  
Profession: IT Professional
Expertise in: Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Business Analyst

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Geeta expert panel

Geeta Sharma

Language Teacher

Meet Geeta Sharma.

She is a professional English teacher for about 14 years and has a distinct style of teaching the English Language. She has done her masters in English and Education. Books and students are part of her daily routine. She is a writer by her choice and considers writing and dancing both next to meditation.

Location: Gwalior, MP. INDIA
Profession: Teacher
Expertise: English Language
Email id:

To know more about her & her passionate work she is reachable through her email.