TV Media Presence

TV Media Presence (40+ Videos)

These are the live TV Interview broadcasts of Mr. Mahesh Sharma, which are aimed at providing information, insights, and knowledge on the very subtle, important and crucial aspects of our daily lives.

These broadcast are recorded live on national TV and includes addressing the live questions and query of viewers from different part of the nation.
We hope the insights, information, knowledge and live discussions shared here will help you or your loved ones, in dealing with crucial life situations and events.


Learning Facilitation | Speaking Assignments

Learning Facilitation | Speaking Assignment (40+ Videos)

We are human beings first than anything else and, and we should not forget that it is also true in our professional lives as well.
Now it is becoming more and more clear to the corporate world that the organization’s primary and true assets are not machinery or plants, the main asset is its People. And it is observed that any organization’s major time is spent either in dealing with people or solving people’s problems. And that’s where the importance of Nurturing the human side of the enterprise comes into the picture.  Knowing this fact is one thing applying this into the organization and embedding this into the culture is another. And “training” is not the answer to address the issue, “facilitating learning” is. And we don’t conduct corporate training we help employees and management to facilitate learning, and that too “Result  Oriented Learning Facilitation”
The same is also applied to educational and professional institutes where we are building the future of any nation. Educating the students is one thing, preparing them for the real world is another. These programs are aimed at empowering students, equipping faculty in bridging the gap of the academic and practical world.


Specialized Workshops

Specialized Workshops (30 + Videos)

There are specialized flagship workshop in the fields of Human Inherent Behavior (like “Know Your True Self – Discover Inner Excellence” and “The Strong Connection – Develop the Art of Connecting with People, Especially with Your own selves”), Energy Psychology workshops (like “Take Charge of Your Emotional Well-Being” an EFT, Tapping workshops).

These workshops are a part of spreading awareness about the mind-body connection, behavioral excellence, and importance of emotional well-being, among masses and are organized throughout the nation and abroad since 2008.
These are designed to not only impart basic and required information and knowledge of these fundamental aspects of human nature but also to help participants in applying the principals and practices in their daily personal and professional lives to have a passionate & productive life, beautiful relationships, vibrant health, and all-round prosperity.