I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.

-Albert Eisenstein 

Our Outside (World) is The Exact Reflection 

of Our Inside (World)

The Passion Club (TPC)

This platform invites those who are either passionate about something or in the way of finding their passion. Individuals who consider themselves as passionate and are involved in their passion from inside-out. Their passion can be in any field or walk of life, is purely something beyond money, power, fame, or even recognition and which gives them goosebumps when they think, talk, and share about. 

Examples of passion are : passionate about nature exploration, reading, mountaineering, adventure, tasting food, music, dance, singing, acting, playing an instrument, fitness, playing a sport etc., anything which gives you goosebumps when you even think, talk and shares about it, which you would do without any consideration of money as well, which gives you inner satisfaction, where you don’t get fatigued, which brings you freshness and excitement, where you forget about time and place, which you can do for rest of your life if given a chance and which makes your life worth living.

Meet Our Passionately Curious Souls

Vaani Behl


Meet Vaani.

A passionate singer-songwriter with a unique voice. She loves singing and putting her voice to various songs and loves improvising and playing with different sounds. She enjoys singing for a live audience and making content on social media.

Location: Delhi/NCR, INDIA
Profession: Musician
Email id: vaanibehlmusic@gmail.com

To know more about her & her passionate work, visit her profile on Facebook: VaaniBehlMusic

Swati 2

Swati Saraswat

fashion enthusiast

Meet Swati.

She is a fashion enthusiast. Having an experience of apparel merchandiser with renowned export houses and buying houses of country. Passionately engaged in fashion world.

Location: Delhi/NCR, INDIA
Profession: Apparel Merchandiser
Email id: saraswats@ymail.com

To know more about her & her passionate work, visit her profile here.

Mahesh Sharma

nature enthusiast | explorer

Meet Mahesh.

A nature enthusiast and explorer by choice, he is passionate about discovering, exploring, and experiencing nature and its elements in its raw form. Traveling and interacting with a different culture is something he loves. His army background has helped him to discover his love for nature.

Location: Gujarat, INDIA
Profession: Coach | Speaker | Trainer
Email id: maheshsharma@kyts.in
Website : www.kyts.in

To know more about him & his passionate work please visit his blog :Mahesh Sharma Insights


Bhawna Sharma

traveller | nature explorer

Meet Bhawna.

A passionate nature enthusiast, traveler, blogger, and seeker of human behavior, Bhawna is an author, Content Writer & English language trainer. she has been captivated with human behavior, their philosophical and psychological temperamental traits right from childhood.

Location: Delhi/NCR, INDIA
Profession: Educator
Email id: bhawnasharma1877@gmail.com

To know more about her & her passionate work, visit her profile at  here

Bhoomika TPC

Diwa Bhoomi


Meet Bhoomi.

A passionate growth-centric coach & blogger. She helps to channelize peoples’ drive and to get focused results. She is intrigued by human behavior.
Blogging started to have command over the language but today it is her soul and acts as a medium for storytelling. Bhoomi is an Agile Coach/Scrum Master and has been part of many transformations.

Location: Travel world for work everywhere. Belong to India
Profession: Agile Coach I Scrum Master
Email id: care@bhoomidiwa.com

To know more about her & her passionate work, visit her blog: bhoomidiwa blog

Gunjan circle

Gunjan K Srivastava

Nature & Wellness enthusiast

Meet Gunjan.

She is passionately curious about ways and means to harmonize with nature and connecting and communicating with people. Being on the journey of regenerative detoxification herself, she loves to contribute to people’s lives by leveraging and harnessing her learning’s and experiences.

Location: Seoul (South Korea)
: Lawyer
Email id: gunjan.kandra01@gmail.com

To know more about her & her passionate work, visit her here.

Deepti Saraswat

Deepti Dubey

Yog Science Explorer

Meet Deepti.

A passionate yoga practitioner & trainer, Deepti has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years.  According to her three things that make her keep going in life are Yoga, Nature, and Music. 

Location: New Jersey, USA
Profession: Yoga Trainer
Email id: sharma.deepti2011@gmail.com

To know more about her & her passionate work, visit her profile at  here

geeta passion club

Geeta Sharma

Writer | dancer

Meet Geeta.

A passionate writer and dancer.  She also loves to act, read, and sing. But while dancing and writing, she revitalizes herself. She considers these two, writing and dancing, next to meditation.

Location: Gwalior, MP. INDIA
Profession: Teacher
Email id: geetalomash@yahoo.in

To know more about her & her passionate work, visit her profile at  here

Divya Sharma

Divya Sharma

Yog & fitness enthusiast

Meet Divya.

She is a Yog and fitness enthusiast. Yog is a never-ending journey for her. As a Yog and Aerobic trainer, she always focuses on people’s holistic health. She strongly believes that through practicing Yog one can definitely approach holistic health. 

Location: Noida,(Delhi/NCR), INDIA
Profession: Yog & Aerobics Trainer
Email id: divyashar0506@gmail.com

To know more about her & her passionate work, visit her profile at  here

Manish Bhardwaj


Meet Manish.

A devoted chess player and coach with a burning passion for the timeless game of kings and queens. As a seasoned chess player, he understands the transformative power of chess in honing critical thinking, strategic planning, and
decision-making skills.

Location: Dwarka, New Delhi. INDIA
Email id: manulovechess@gmail.com
Youtube channel : 

To know more about him & his passionate work, visit his manuchess.in