Our Outside (World) is the
Exact Reflection of our Inside (World).

Know Your True Self® Research Academy (KYTS Research) – Founder Mahesh Sharma

hereinafter called as KYTS Research, is a research, coaching, training, and community sharing entity of Know Your True Self® Group (KYTS Group) with a mission to promote, educate, coach, research & share with the masses the information, insights, and latest discoveries in the fields of Human Inherent Behaviour, Mind-body connection, Emotional Health & Wellbeing, Energy Psychology, Leadership, Self-growth, Human potential development, and spirituality. 

It is dedicated and committed to spreading awareness and understanding of the subtle level information and insights of the inner world of us human beings to the masses in such a way that the knowledge, research, discoveries, and insights of these principles help them live a life of peace, prosperity, and significance. And by doing so KYTS Research is also aiming at bridging the gap among life’s social, material, and spiritual aspects so as to make this world a better place to live by having a holistic view of humanity.

Life is simple. We make it complicated.

Life is actually the simplest of all. When we closely monitor nature we are in for great surprises. Nature works by itself. It has been there before anyone of us. Just observe in daily life that we don’t need to do anything to bring the seed out of the earth to become a tree and give birth to more trees. We don’t have to do anything for the wind to blow, the sun to rise, the body to digest food, and heal itself. We don’t have to worry about breathing at a certain interval. And even at a big level, we don’t have to do anything for our galaxy to stay afloat. So when we observe closely we find that things and activities in nature are happening automatically without any intervention or help of human beings. Rather when we intervene we are making things complex and ruining the natural path of nature.

Understand, observe and apply 

To make sure we keep our life simple and avoid the repercussion of making it complex, we need to understand, observe, and apply the learning from the simplistic ways of nature. We don’t have to invent new complicated things, activities, and theories, we need to simply observe and understand the way things are in nature. And we found that if we want to understand a subject, any subject deeply we need to make sure we don’t settle or limit ourselves to one aspect of the matter. If we really want to know the subject in and out we need to research the subject in its entirety without putting obstructions in the way but observation rather. 

And that’s where KYTS Research helps individuals and groups to let them have a look at the research in various fields related to the body, mind, heart, and soul of human beings without being technically complex and without using difficult jargon. By being close to nature and by going with the flow of natural intelligence we learn more to live with peace and harmony with nature, than by making things complex by using our mind and manipulation.

By observing, discovering, and acknowledging the highest intelligence of nature, we are actually going back to basics without making things complicated and without becoming an obstruction in nature’s path.

So here in KYTS Research when we talk about seemingly complex things like mind-body connection, human inherent behavior, energy intervention, energy psychology or spirituality we will take utmost care that we go the simplest way so that we can acknowledge and accept the way nature wants us to be its important and inseparable part, rather than an investigator or reformer.

Mahesh Sharma
Founder & Chief Mentor
Know Your True Self Research Academy (KYTS Research)

Information | Knowledge | Insights

Here at Know Your True Self® Research Academy (KYTS Research) we understand that the insights are the only source of real understanding, not the information and knowledge. Therefore we make sure that the insights in the fields we are researching in, should make sense to common people and they can use that knowledge, information, and insights in making their daily lives more significant and meaningful. 

We encourage people to do their own homework to satisfy their own logical emotional and intellectual curiosity. Because here at KYTS Research, we believe that until and unless people have their own logical, emotional, intellectual, and intuitional hunger satisfied by themselves, they move forward on the path of their inner growth journey. We invite different views on one subject so that we can see it holistically and can know the other side of the coin too. We also give preference to the practitioner’s aspect of the subject we are researching in and always take the curious approach to know the roots of the subject.

At KYTS Research, we are more inclined towards celebrating nature, humanity, and spirituality rather than only discovering, exploring, and observing. And we believe that the more we are in a state of submission and surrender with nature, the more we are able to connect with it deeply and strongly. Staying grounded and living simply is our philosophy.

Research Fields

We choose our research fields by keeping in mind one simple thing. Is it important and useful for common people to know, understand, and implement the insights of the field? Keeping this straightforward and simple objective in mind we are currently researching in the following fields and are open to new fields in the course of time : 

we, at Know Your True Self® Research Academy (KYTS Research) are dedicated and committed to bringing the best version of human nature in action in order to make sure we live our lives to the fullest, nurture great families and contribute in building happy & compassionate communities.

Meaning of Logo and Tagline of Know Your True Self® Research Academy

Logo with tagline
We humans are unique and different in many aspects, like in size, shape, colors, height, weight, brought up, nationality, community, language and you can name it – but we are one in one aspect – we are all humans. We all have a mind and hearts. We all have the same cosmic energy vibrations (we are vibrational beings).  We have emotions and feelings. We have the same nature to support us in an equal way. So here with this Logo, we want to depict the human being as one. The explanation is :
Different colors in the boxes denote a difference in us all humans, as explained above.
The cloud in the center denotes, though we are different in many aspects, we are all connected with each other through the same feelings, emotions, and vibrations.  The centrally connected cloud shape denoted this commonality is what keeps us human. The feelings and emotions make us humans. (Keep those feelings and emotions out of a human, and we have a robot.). The vibrations make us human (We are vibrational being in a vibrational universe). 
The invisible blank space encompassing the visible picture. And finally however different and unique we are, we are governed by something bigger than us. Something larger than us. Something beyond our knowledge. Something beyond our explanation.  We can call it omnipresence consciousness. We can call it Nature. We can call it a Spiritual Environment. Something beyond us. Something with which we can connect to be in the flow. Something which need not be understood but to be surrendered. Something which can’t be heard, can’t be seen, only to be felt.
Celebrating Humanity. The tagline. We are actually one of the finest products of nature, one of the amazing creations of the omnipresence and one of the excellent living organisms in our known environment. This is something we need to remember all the time and not forget to celebrate each and every moment of our beingness. Our existence. Every day. Every moment. Every instance. And that is what Celebrating humanity denotes. It’s written in the present continuous tense which is to show that this celebration is on all the time, we just need to consciously be aware of its presence.
And at Know Your True Self® Research Academy we consciously remind ourselves to celebrate humanity in every possible form on every possible moment.

We welcome all the fellow travelers on this amazing journey, called life, to share their ideas, their insights, and their experiences to other fellow human being to create an environment of trust, compassion, courage, love and happiness.