Perfect Temperament

We are not of purely One Temperament. We all are blended. We operate from One primary or dominant temperament and one secondary temperament.

Let's Get Organised with Perfect Temperament

Introvert  |  Thinker   |  Pessimist

Element : Earth |  Color : Golden |   Original Latin Name : Melencholy|   Assessment Code : PM   


If you have already self-assessed yourself, the following will help you correlate with the Temperament Glossary;
PP, PC, PM & PP :

PS: Popular Temperament  (Popular Sanguine)
PC: Powerful Temperament  (Powerful Choleric)
PM: Perfect Temperament (Perfect Melancholy)
PP: Peaceful Temperament (Peaceful Phlegmatic)

(In case you are yet to self-assess yourself, you can do so by choosing the assessment tab at the bottom of this page)

The Perfect Melancholy Temperament

Steady, NF – Idealist, the phlegmatic – we call this the PEACEFUL PERSONALITY. It is best characterized by the words “easy going”. They are the calm and steady person who are not easily disturbed. They are the easiest temperament type to get along with. Life for them is happy, unexcited and calm. Underneath the calm exterior, the Peaceful Phlegmatics are also a fearful personality. They often uses humor to make thier points. The Peaceful Phlegmatic are more an observer and do not involve themselves in the activities of others. Peaceful Phlegmatics make excellent teachers, counselors, and administrators. They are very dependable, organized and, while they never volunteer, they make good group leaders.

The weakness of Peaceful Phlegmatics includes lack of motivation or even laziness; they appear to lack drive and ambition. Peaceful Phlegmatics need to realize that they are not internally motivated and take up activities that force them into action. They are self-protective and may be selfish. They are often very stubborn, though it is hidden beneath their mild-mannered style.

As a parent, they are not in a hurry and don’t get upset easily.  They can take good with the bad with equal pace and generally makes a good parent. But due to the characteristic of laid back personality they lax on discipline and don’t organise home well. They usually avoid confronting their kids and many a time make some overboard compromises.

At work, they are competent and steady and have an administrative ability.  They are good at mediating problems and good under pressure. They tend to find the easy way and are generally peaceful and agreeable.  But because of their lack of enthusiasm and action, they seem lazy and careless  They would rather watch and hard to get moving.  They are not goal oriented and resent when being pushed.

As a friend, they are easiest to get along. They are inoffensive and has compassion and concern. They are pleasant and enjoyable and don’t create a mess.  But because of lack of good sense of humour they are not exciting.  They tend to be indifferent to plans and rather stay uninvolved.  They dampen enthusiasm and tend to judge others.


  • Deep and thoughtfully
  • Analytical
  • Serious and purposeful
  • Genius prone
  • Talented and creative
  • Artistic or musical
  • Sensitive to others
  • Self-sacrificing
  • Conscientious


  • Deep & Thoughtful
  • Schedule oriented
  • Perfectionist
  • Serious & purposeful
  • Artistic & Musical
  • Sensitive to others
  • Persistent and thorough
  • Orderly and organised
  • Neat & tidy
  • Economical
  • Sees the problems
  • Find creating solutions
  • Faithful & Devoted
  • Deep concern for other people
  • Finds creative solutions

Areas to Work Upon

  • Are too sensitive
  • Feel more insecure
  • Are easily depressed
  • Have low self-image
  • Put too much time in planning
  • Put unrealistic demands on others
  • See life in black and white
  • More focus on the negative side of life
  • Get too much in details
  • The expectation is too high from self and from others
  • Inability to adapt faster
  • Cautious in making friends


No Temperament is good or bad. This is who we are. And we need not change to become effective, we need only to prove and finetune.

Every Temperament has its strong areas and those areas which are limiting that Temperament to become its best.  Here we need to understand this that the weak areas of any temperament are not anything else but the extreme of their strong areas. 

So understanding temperament is the start point of knowing the true strengths and becoming aware of the weak areas in order to become the best version of ourselves. 

We are not ‘One’ temperament.  We are Blended. We all are Blended.

We are not of singular temperament or one inherent personality styles but we are a combination of temperaments. 

As we have discussed that each one of us is blended with two or more temperaments.  Knowing &  understanding these blends will unfold the mysteries of our behaviour, our way of working, our quality of the relationship, and our successful growth.

There are twelve combinations of temperaments and it may give you a more accurate version of your style.

The Probable Next Step!

If you are on the journey of knowing and understanding yourself by understanding your Inborn Temperament, do go deep in knowing about all The Four Temperament so as to get a complete big picture of Nature and Nurture. If you are already working with your coach, make sure you do discussion, debate, questioning, seek clarity and reach to a mutual conclusion about your own Inborn Temperament.

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