Brief Intro : Mahesh Sharma

Mahesh Sharma. Coach | Humanist | Researcher

I am glad that you landed here on my profile page and gave me the opportunity to briefly introduce myself and the work I am doing. I hope and wish that this small introduction leads us towards a long-term professional and personal association.

I am a Certified LIFE Purpose Coach, Speaker & Corporate Learning Facilitator by profession and a Humanist, Researcher and Nature Enthusiast by choice. I am the Founder and Chief Mentor at Know Your True Self®Research Academy (KYTS Research), founded in 2008. It’s a research, coaching, training and community sharing entity in the fields of Life & Personal Performance Coaching, Behavioral Sciences, Energy Psychology, Emotional Health and Wellness, Mind-Body connection, Human side of enterprise, Life Management, and spiritual upliftment.

I was born & raised in the Capital of India and started my career in the Indian Army.  Coming back after serving for 10 years in the Army I associated with various organizations in the fields of insurance, real estate, training and alternate franchising as an entrepreneur, trainer, coach, consultant & speaker. My cursorily, understanding of human behaviour and psychology which was there since I was in the Army now was fueled by coming into connection with various individuals and entities from different walks of life.  My own personal experiences had also given me deep insights into the human psyche, emotions and behaviours which led me to finally take the plunge to follow my lifelong passion and I started my own Coaching, Research & Training entity Know Your True Self®Research Academy (KYTS Research).

Since then I have dedicated myself to educating, empowering & coaching individuals, groups and entities to spread my heartfelt message of true leadership, abundance, well-being and Personal Excellence through the channels of personal coaching, workshops, seminars, key-note addresses and mass media.  During the journey, I got the opportunity to work with many corporate, educational & professional institutes, individuals, groups and couples which had added rich experiences to my ongoing journey.

As of today, I am operating from the city of Surat, Gujarat (India) and passionately moving forward with a mission to help more and more individuals, groups and entities in realizing their full potential and living a life filled with true joy, success and meaning. Through the medium mainly of personal coaching, I am committed and dedicated to helping individuals to bring the best out of them. 

Here is a snapshot of my journey till now which includes my experiences, credentials, clientele and testimonials for your information and perusal.

Work Experience & Ongoing Learning Curve : Mahesh Sharma

  • 10 Years in the Indian Army
  • Two decades of Entrepreneurship experience in the areas of education, self-help, and alternate franchise
  • Founder & Chief Mentor – Know Your True Self Research Academy ( since 2008
  • 4 years of hands-on experience dealing with family business stakeholders
  • Hands-on experience of 14+ years of personal coaching and mentoring
  • 6000+ hours of personal coaching sessions experience
  • 275+ Energy Psychology & Behavioural Sciences workshops
  • 350+ Personal Coaching associates
  • Life & Personal Performance Coaching Practice since 2008
  • Appeared on live TV shows in the areas of relationship management, career, and passion development
  • Around two decades of practical experience of understanding & working with human inherent behaviour
  • One of the pioneer promoters of Emotional Health & Wellbeing in the country since 2005

**Updated: 31 Jan 2023

Professional Credentials : Mahesh Sharma

  • Internationally certified LIFE Purpose Coach 
  • Practicing Personal Performance Coach since 2008
  • Master EFT Practitioner & workshop facilitator
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Timeline Therapy Practitioner
  • Inherent Temperament Specialist
  • Keynote & Workshop Speaker
  • Corporate & SME trainer
  • Founder & Chief Mentor – Know Your True Self Research Academy (
  • Co-Founder – SARTRAC Global ( since 2012
  • Co-Founder – ADVENTURE MAXX ( since 2015
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Some of the esteemed clients

Expereinces of Individuals with me

A person who has a detailed knowledge bank in his field and is one of the major people responsible for the confidence I extract from myself. An excellent coach on Life and personal issues with innovative and resulting methods. 

Ritwik Raje
Ex President, Toastmasters, VIT, Vellore

Mahesh Ji has got such a trueness in his thoughts nd behaviour that one can start believing in him/herself...he is such a nice counsellor nd best friend to have in anyone's life...a perfect role model for me !!!!

Gurudutt Tanwar
Maths teacher, Deptt of Education, Govt. of Delhi

Mahesh is a true professional with high levels of integrity and commitment. He is a great listener, a compulsive learner and above all, a wonderful human being. His work brings on a lot of introspection in people. A natural counselor, I believe he coaches on a very simple vision i,e. "Bring out , everyone he meets, from their inner battles.".

Dr. Preeti Vats
Psychologist Counselor , Cambridge International Education Faculty and Sports Mental Skills expert.

I find Mr. Mahesh Sharma a towering personality as a Speaker, Counselor, Personal Performance Coach and Corporate Trainer. He is an excellent gentleman, has tremendous potential, vast and rich experience, and can connect with anyone with ease. He is genuine, straightforward, highly motivated, and committed. He is worth being emulated. My best wishes to him.

Vikas Saxena
Senior Management, Motivational Speaker, Human Resources Development & Training Professional

My relationship with Mahesh is ~ 12 years old. I remember when I first met him at a social gathering, I found him very energetic, full of life with a Great positive attitude. Currently he has been doing a phenomenal job as a Personal Performance coach and Behavioral & Relationship counselor. He is also pretty much known in the corporate/educational arena for his expertise. 
I wish him great success for his future endeavors.

Kamal Aneja
Managing Consultant at Accenture, U.S

I have known Mahesh for more than 15 years and seen him evolve into a wonderful person. He is doing an excellent job in coaching people not only to live a better life but to create a better society thereby having a better world. Our society needs people like him. Keep up the good work. My best wishes.

Arun Prabhu
Best selling author, Speaker, Budding Movie Maker,Director (Marketing and Sales) at Amosta Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Mahesh ji is a life coach who have such a detailed knowledge of human behavior that he can resolve the complex of problems with great ease. He has changed many lives including mine. There are so many things in this world which are yet to be explored by us, and he is the right person who will guide us through the vast knowledge of human behavior.

Swati Saraswat
Ex. Assistant Merchandiser at Orient Craft Limited.

Mahesh Sharma is an innovative personality and has in depth knowledge of his subject. I found him to be enthusiastic, approachable, decent and enlightened. He perspires to develop personality of others whom he trains.

RK Srivastava
Principal, Jain Public School, Faridabad

Mr. Mahesh is a great leader and a friendly person to deal with. He is professionally expert in his field. I have known him for more than 25 yrs when he was in army and has always been a mentor for me. I strongly recommend him as a Speaker, Counselor, Personal Performance Coach and Corporate Trainer.

Vijay Gupta
Founder, Commerce Education Point, Faridabad

Mr. Mahesh Sharma is one of the best motivational coach whom I have ever met. He has helped me to explore my hidden talents and potential.  I wish him all the best.

Vikas Verma
Branch Head, IDP Education Inida (P) Ltd.

Expereinces of participants from My Workshops

The EFT workshop conducted by Mr. Mahesh was very effective and he has explained and demonstrated the deep concepts in a way that I can with confidence that I have found the most effective technique to manage my emotions, which many a time bothers me a lot. 

Khushboo Lavania
EFT workshop participant, Agra

The workshop was presented by Mr. Mahesh in a way that is equally engaging and deep. I was constantly engaged in others opinions and hurt myself, but After knowing the truth  I actually started loving myself, and it feels great.

Shweta Sarswat
EFT Workshop Participant, Agra

It’s a very good experience for me, to attend this workshop and I will love to tell others (friends and relatives) to attend it. It was presented by Mr. Mahesh Sharma in a very engaging and understanding way and I suggest and highly recommend that we should have this kind of workshop for senior citizens also.

Davinder Bhagat
Reflexologist, New Delhi

Very impressive and practical.  The techniques imparted are helpful.  Nice effort by Mr. Mahesh Sharma to enlighten us in the beginning of our careers.

Smitha Kumaran
Power Professional, NPTI, Faridabad

It is an excellent workshop delivered in an equally excellent and engaging way, from the point that whatever has been said by great saints like Budha etc, was scientifically and logically taught & understood with Mr. Mahesh Sharma, keeping in mind today’s most modern technical world and have been accepted by all participants.  If practiced, no doubt, would improve the Excellency of human being.

NR Halder
Deputy Director, National Power Training Institute, Faridabad

Your workshop sharpens our skills which no doubt lies in every human being.  Though I am little bit more aware of the facts and pleased to note that I am already on the right direction to best utilize my nature to the path which lead me nearer to the almighty God.

Lalit Kumar Gulati
NTPC Ltd, New Delhi

Excellent workshop.  Such type of workshop to be organized in regular interval.  This type of workshop should be of  no less than three days.  Faculty member, Mr. Mahesh Sharma of this program were really excellent.  I have attended the first program of such type in my life.  Really it is a great program.

Vijay Kumar
Dy. Manager, NTPC Ltd, New Delhi.

I took great pleasure to sit through your talk during India Emerge Youth Summit 2013 held at VIT University, Vellore. I would like to express just how much I and the rest of the group enjoyed your presentation. I found that your talk was one of the most engaging that I have ever had the privilege to listen to, and found myself captivated and inspired by every word. I offer my thanks for taking the time to talk to us, and I hope to see you back with us at some time in the near future.

Aswin TN
Ex. Student, Vellore Institute of Technology.

Cherished moments

Important moments : Public, Group and Media Apperance

Corporate Learning Solutions

Mass Media Programs

Specialized Workshops


Helping individuals in bringing out the best in themselves aligned with their true nature.

(….. by helping and assisting them in discovering their passion, following their inner calling, dealing with & leading self, taking charge of their emotional well-being, managing & nurturing relationships and focusing on building inner strengths.)


Contributing to creating a better world by helping individuals live a life with courage, empathy, compassion and meaning.

(…. by leading a life of inner abundance and becoming a live and practical example of living in harmony with nature)

Glad to be in touch with you