Powerful Temperament

We are not of purely One Temperament. We all are blended. We operate from One primary or dominant temperament and one secondary temperament.

Lets Get Moving with Powerful Temperament

Doer  |  Extrovert   |  Optimist

Element : Fire   |  Color : Blue    |   Original Latin Name : Choleric   |   Assessment Code : PC   


If you have already self-assessed yourself, the following will help you correlate with the Temperament Glossary;
PP, PC, PM & PP :

PS: Popular Temperament  (Popular Sanguine)
PC: Powerful Temperament  (Powerful Choleric)
PM: Perfect Temperament (Perfect Melancholy)
PP: Peaceful Temperament (Peaceful Phlegmatic)

(In case you are yet to self-assess yourself, you can do so by choosing the assessment tab at the bottom of this page)

The Powerful Choleric Temperament


Decisive, NT – Rational, The choleric – we call this POWERFUL PERSONALITY is the most forceful and active of the four types. He is strong-willed and independent and opinionated. The Powerful thrives on activity. He is the most practical and makes sound, quick decisions. He is not afraid of obstacles and tends to drive right through or over problems. He is probably the strongest natural leader of the four types. He has the most problem with anger and does not display compassion easily. He is quick to recognize opportunities and quick to capitalize on them – though details irritate him and, unless he learns to delegate, he will often gloss over details. His strong will and determination may drive him to succeed where more gifted people give up.

The Powerful is a developer and may be seen in construction supervision or coaching or law enforcement. Most entrepreneurs are Powerful. Because of their impatience they often end up doing everything themselves. A Powerful is extremely goal/task oriented in leading others. His biggest weakness as a leader is a tendency to run right over people if he feels they are in his way. He assumes that approval and encouragement will lead others to slack off and he probably finds criticism and faultfinding more useful for his purposes. Through his natural determination he may succeed where others may give up.

A Powerful’s weaknesses include anger and hostility. A Powerful is the most likely to have an active temper; he is a door slammer and horn blower and he can carry a grudge for a long time. This includes a cutting and sarcastic tongue and the choleric will rarely hesitate to tell someone off. The Powerful is the least likely to show affection or any public show of emotion. His emotions are the least developed of all the temperaments. Additionally a Powerful can be inconsiderate, opinionated and crafty in getting their own way.

As a parent they exert sound leadership and establishes goals. They motivate family to action and always knows the right answer.  They usually organises the household. But due to their workaholic nature they tend to over dominate.  They are too busy for the family or leisure.  They don’t tolerate the poor performance and won’t let children relax.

At work they are goal oriented and sees the whole picture.  They organise well and seek practical solutions. They move quickly to action and are best at delegating the work.  They insist on production and thrive on opposition. But because of their habit of utilising the time and delegation they may make rash decisions.  They have little tolerance for mistakes and seems to manipulate people. For them End justifies the means and they demand loyality in the team.

As friends they really has little need for friends.  They work in the forefront for group activity and lead and organise the group. They are born leader but because of their tendency to dominate and take charge they tend to use people.  They are too independent and are mostly right, but unpopular. They can’t say ‘I’m sorry’ and possessive of friends and mate.


  • Born leader
  • Impatient
  • Quick-tempered
  • Can’t Relax
  • Moves fast
  • Enjoys controversy and arguments
  • Won’t give up when loosing
  • Helpful
  • Quick decision maker
  • Workaholic
  • Strong willed
  • Practical
  • Go getter
  • Comes on too strong
  • Dislikes tears and emotions
  • Is unsympathetic


  • Born Leader
  • Goal-oriented
  • Dynamic and active
  • Strong-willed and decisive
  • Independent
  • Not easily discouraged
  • Motivates others to action
  • Can run anything
  • Master delegator
  • Sees the whole picture
  • Seeks practical solutions
  • Excel in emergencies
  • Go-getter
  • Moves quickly to action

Areas to Work Upon

  • No-fault people
  • Relaxation is wasting time
  • The need for creating pressure on others
  • Difficulty in responding to other leadership
  • Not prefer Following rules
  • Manipulation feels like winning
  • Giving unsolicited advice
  • Patience is a weakness
  • Find it difficult to handle people & emotions
  • Too judgmental & opinionated
  • Arguments & debate gives the kick
  • Can’t say sorry
  • Compulsive workers
  • Are always right
  • Know it all people


No Temperament is good or bad. This is who we are. And we need not change to become effective, we need only to prove and finetune.

Every Temperament has its strong areas and those areas which are limiting that Temperament to become its best.  Here we need to understand this that the weak areas of any temperament are not anything else but the extreme of their strong areas. 

So understanding temperament is the start point of knowing the true strengths and becoming aware of the weak areas in order to become the best version of ourselves. 

We are not ‘One’ temperament.  We are Blended. We all are Blended.

We are not of singular temperament or one inherent personality styles but we are a combination of temperaments. 

As we have discussed that each one of us is blended with two or more temperaments.  Knowing &  understanding these blends will unfold the mysteries of our behaviour, our way of working, our quality of the relationship, and our successful growth.

There are twelve combinations of temperaments and it may give you a more accurate version of your style.

The Probable Next Step!

If you are on the journey of knowing and understanding yourself by understanding your Inborn Temperament, do go deep in knowing about all The Four Temperament so as to get a complete big picture of Nature and Nurture. If you are already working with your coach, make sure you do discussion, debate, questioning, seek clarity and reach to a mutual conclusion about your own Inborn Temperament.

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