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Welcome to KYTS Research

(Know YourTrue Self® Research Academy)

Back to Basics

The world is redefining itself with
New Rules,  New Focus and New Definitions.

But is this something New or are we going BACK TO BASICS of 

Humanity, Compassion, Relationships, Empathy &  Meaning ?

From KYTS Founder's Desk

KYTS Research (Know Your True Self® Research Academy)

Founder & Chief Mentor

Mahesh Sharma

Internationally Certified Life Purpose Coach | Humanist | Researcher

I am glad to welcome you here and hope you will enjoy the journey towards the inside of us. It is said that there is a much larger world inside of us than on our outside, and I can say this with experience of more than one and half decade as a practicing life coach, keynote & workshop speaker, and learning facilitator that it’s not only true, its the only truth. And it all starts from knowing, understanding, accepting, and leading the self first.

With an intention to add value to your life’s journey and provide you a perspective that may help you live your life as you desire, achieve the pinnacle of success, live each day with passion and meaning, and contribute to making this world a better place to live, I invite you to explore and experience the amazing INNER world.

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We at Know Your True Self® Research Academy (KYTS Research) are glad to share our services and initiatives to help add value to your lives


One to one and group coaching

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For corporate, SMEs & Professional Institutes


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