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As we are into expansion mode and would be coming up with these exclusives initiatives.

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Global Expert Panel

The Passion Club

Global Expert Panel & The Passion Club

Hi Friend, 

This is Mahesh Sharma, Founder & Chief Mentor at Know Your True Self® Research Academy. If you are reading this message, I firmly believe that we both either have met somewhere in our lives or our paths crossed at some point during our journey, as this place is exclusively invitation only. 

A brief intro

As we are expanding our initiatives to touch more lives in more areas and strive to create an environment where passionate individuals connect with one another through the foundational thread of humanity and passion, we are coming up with two invitation-only, voluntary, non-commercial and non-promotional exclusive initiatives.

As these are exclusively invitation-only platforms, I am in the process of sharing detailed information about these initiatives to those individuals whom I appreciate and respect as a human being first alongside their expertise and passion. For these platforms, I am considering my encounters with these amazing people in the last 3 decades of my life and as you are reading it, this itself clearly states that I consider you one among those special people.

I am sharing with you here the information that will consist of the foundation, philosophy, objective, process, and intention of these initiatives. You can have a good look at these initiatives, know and understand their objectives and also explore the foundational philosophy behind there existence and if you think this is something which you would like to be a part of, which is aligned to your life’s philosophy and which adds value to your existing purpose and mission of life,  I am more than glad to have you on-board or welcome your participation in any form and way you feel right.

In the first phase, I will be sending the information to only those individuals who are known to me personally, and then in the second phase, the invitation will be extended to those who are known to someone who is already a part of this initiative.

Let’s have a deep look into the birth process of these initiatives.

Our Outside (World) is The Exact Reflection 

of Our Inside (World)

The foundation

Before going further with the details of the initiatives and my humble proposal, I think it would be helpful to both of us to know this entity called Know Your True Self® Research Academy.

This academy’s foundation was laid in the month of May 2008, when my experiences of many years as an Army Personnel, Employee, Entrepreneur, Coach, Trainer, Speaker, nature enthusiast, and explorer gave me some invaluable insights about human nature and their innate desires.

Though there were individuals from very different areas of life, with very different personalities, nations, languages, expertise, and goals with whom I had spent personal time, there are two things which I found common between us which led to having a deeper connection with each other. And those two things were: we both got connected with each other on most fundamental levels as human beings first then anything else and secondly, we both are passionate about something in our lives which is beyond money, beyond power, beyond fame & recognition. 

The “know your true self” was the phrase which guided and directed not only my thought process at that time consciously and subconsciously, but also my perspective towards myself, my family and the world around. And I found that when we know ourselves, understand ourselves and accept ourselves then the journey ahead becomes exciting, purpose-driven, meaningful, and significant. And that led to this name which is as of now called “Know Your True Self® Research Academy“.

These initiatives have the same foundational values on which The Academy is standing on. 

The insights

During the interaction with hundreds of amazing people, I found that my deep connection was established with those whom I understood first at the human level and then at a passion level. And I found that these two levels are entirely beyond money, power, fame, or recognition. I really cherish those relationships as of today also whether we interacted with each other very seldom or having a conversation on a regular basis. These two levels have created an invisible connection between us which is beyond time, distance, age, and expectation. This association I call as timeless, deep, independent of external situations and distance.

The Objective

And I would like to extend this association, this connection to the next level where we all who are passionate about something and who see ourselves and others at a basic human level first, can come on a common platform. A platform that is built over the foundation of humanity, passion, and trust. A platform that is beyond expectation or need from each other whether monetary or in any other form. A platform where everyone is linked, connected, and associated with each other on two common levels – one as human beings, Second as passionate beings

The other objective of developing these platforms is to build a pure connection-based network of passionate and humanity centric individuals who have a highest level of commitment and dedication towards their passion and who see others in the world at a human level first then anything else.  

The humble proposal

To initiate the process of building that platform of like-minded people globally, the two different but connected platforms are created.  One is a Global Expert Panel (GEP) and the other is The Passion Club (TPC). Just to remind you again that both the platform is entirely voluntary, and becoming a part of these platforms is not at all intended for any other purpose than a commonplace for like-minded, humanity centric, passionate individuals who are voluntarily coming together.

These platforms have the absolute foundation on trust, integrity, genuineness, and willingness to create a place free of manipulation, expectations, boundaries, politics, greed, ego, selfishness, and taking benefit of each other. These platforms are the free expressions of celebrating humanity in its purest form. These platforms may have the potential to allow its participants, if they find it suitable, to refer or recommend individuals to the appropriate expert or passionate person for addressing their challenge, situation, or collaboration possibilities. And this all will be done completely on good faith and trust. But primarily these platforms are a commonplace, where passionate and humanity-centric individuals come together and enhance their network irrespective of their age, race, language, nation, or profession.

Two platforms: One objective

As I mentioned above the objective of both the platform is to create a commonplace for like-minded, passionate, human-centric individuals who share the two foundational core aspects. One, they see themselves and others as human beings first. Secondly, they are following or in the process of following their inner calling, their passion. And by having them on the common platform with the common foundational aspect, with a drive and passion to live life at its fullest and with the purest intention to be connected and associated with other passionate individuals, we can do our bit to making this world a better place to live, through the collective consciousness of all these individuals with almost same foundational perspective.

The process of invitation to become a part of this platform will be executed in two phases.  In the first phase, I will be inviting people whom I have met in my last 30 years and known them personally at the human being level to be part of this initiative. As this is entirely voluntary participation, I am not expecting anything from anyone, not even the consent of joining this platform. I will invite them, share with them the objective, the philosophy behind it and its foundational principles and request them to take their time to explore the idea and when If they find it matched with their life purpose, values and goal and worthy of their attention, they can be a part of the platform voluntarily. In the second phase, people can invite their known people, who share similar values and find the idea worthy, to be a part of this platform.

Global Expert Panel (GEP)

This platform invites those who have some expertise under their sleeves. Who consider them excellent in something and know from inside that they can call themselves experts in that particular field of their choice. The fields can be in any area, any discipline, any walk of life, or in any professional arena.

Examples of expertise are expert in marketing, surgery, speaking, teaching, negotiation, diving, writing, building companies, cooking, leading big teams, etc., anything which you have been doing for long and became so good in it that others find you as an authority in that field and seek your services or guidance and are happy to pay for it. 

The Passion Club (TPC)

This platform invites those who are either passionate about something or in the way of finding their passion. Individuals who consider themselves as passionate and are involved in their passion from inside-out. Their passion can be in any field or walk of life, is purely something beyond money, power, fame, or even recognition and which gives them goosebumps when they think, talk, and share about. 

Examples of passion are: passionate about nature exploration, reading, mountaineering, adventure, tasting food, music, dance, singing, acting, playing an instrument, fitness, sport, etc.., anything which gives you goosebumps when you even think, talk and shares about it, which you would do without any consideration of money as well, which gives you inner satisfaction, where you don’t get fatigued, which brings you freshness and excitement, where you forget about time and place, which you can do for rest of your life if given a chance and which makes your life worth living.

The Next Step

Now after reading through the objectives, intentions, and philosophy of these two initiatives I believe you must have made up your mind to take the next step. If you still want to discuss something more about this or share your viewpoint, I would be glad to hear from you and would love to connect with you personally. Please feel free to be in touch with me here.

But in case you have made up your mind to go ahead with this initiative and has chosen to become a part of this initiative I would like to thank you for that and would appreciate if you can fill the following form which has some basic information required from you to be displayed on your brief profile and on your dedicated profile page (If you opt for that).

And before going further to fill the form I would also like to share with you that how and in which format your profile will be displayed on www.kyts.in so that you have an idea about how your information will be seen by other volunteers and site visitors alike. 

Here is how this all is going to work. First of all, there is a separate centralized page for each initiative. For example, for Global Expert Panel the centralized page will be hosted at www.kyts.in/gep, and for The Passion Club, the centralized page will be hosted at www.kyts.in/tpc. Both the pages have a snippet of your profile with a small photo and a link that implies know more


One requirement (Not mandatory but highly appreciated if you do that)

As this is voluntary participation I would like to state that the association with Know Your True Self® Research Academy on your webpage or profile to make the association authentic and mutual. For example, if someone sees your profile here and he/she goes to your webpage or profile page link which you have given at the end of the brief profile as Know More, and there he/she finds the link of Know Your True Self® Research Academy, then it makes it authentic that both are connected mutually. So I would like to mention that it is highly appreciated if you mention the association and link it to www.kyts.in on your webpage, profile, or anywhere you find it appropriate.

Just, for example, you can say 

  • Associated with Know Your True Self® Research Academy or
  • Association: Know Your True Self® Research Academy or
  • A part of the Global Expert Panel of Know Your True Self® Research Academy or
  • A part of The Passion Club of Know Your True Self® Research Academy or
  • On the panel of Know Your True Self® Research Academy or
  • Whatever you feel authentic to you

All the above examples are linked back to either www.kyts.in or www.kyts.in/gep or www.kyts.in/tcp. If you have opted to participate in both the initiatives you can use any of the links you prefer to.

I will be sending you the logo in two formats which if you wish you can use on your dedicated webpage, website, or social media page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This process is also important and sometimes necessary to check the authentication of the use of other people’s profiles on the website. For example, if I am using your profile and showing you as part of our Global Expert Panel and your webpage is not mentioning anything about it, then it can be taken that your profile on Know Your True Self® Research Academy is not added with your permission or with your knowledge.

Here is how your brief profile will look like on the Centralized page 


Global Expert Panel (GEP)
centralized page

Mike Stuart


Hi Friends. 

I am Harry here. I am a blogger and writer and having specialization and expertise in writing multimedia blogs for the travelogue industry. I am into this profession for the last 15 years and love my work to the core. I am also a content writer.

Location: Sydney, Australia
Email id : 
Website or profile page :

To know more about me & work please visit this page. (The link of your website or blog)

The Passion Club (TCP)
centralized page

Mike Stuart


Hi Friends,

I am Harry here. Traveling and interacting with a different culture is something I love. I don’t lose any opportunity to travel. Even when if I am not able to travel, I keep my self-busy in writing about travel. I am also an avid reader.

Location : Sydney, Australia
Email id : 
Website or profile page :

To know more about me & work please visit this page. (The link of your website or blog)

Now if you have read the above information, philosophy, and details about these initiatives and you think from your heart that it would be a good step to be a part of this initiative, I would appreciate if you can fill the following information and opt-in form, as the final step for giving your consent for your volunteer participation. The following form has the required information to be displayed as your brief profile on the respective centralized pages.

And before filling the form I would appreciate it if you read the self-declaration statement below to make sure you are not missing any important information.

Self declaration

I have read the above information and I am hereby declaring that I understood the following as per my best knowledge.

  1. I have read the above information about both the initiatives Global Expert Panel (GEP) and The Passion Club (TPC) in full and understood the objectives, intentions, and philosophy behind those initiatives have found them to be aligned with me.
  2. I know and understand that this is not at all a commercial platform but a place where like-minded individuals are getting together in good faith to form a commonplace with similar vibration at human beings and passion level.
  3. I clearly understand that the connection of everyone on this platform will be on two levels. First – humanity and second – passion
  4. I know and understand that this platform is not for self-promotion or promoting others. This is a place where the intention is to introduce myself among other like-minded individuals and to be a part of a larger network of humanity centric and passionate individuals.
  5. I also know and understand that it’s not a commercial platform but I can always refer people to other participants of this platform if I think appropriate about it. Like I can always refer anyone to other platform participants whom I think can be suitable to address a particular kind of situation, requirement, or need.
  6. By participating on this platform and giving my contact and other information, I am giving my consent to other platform participants and general site visitors to contact me personally for any of their needs, requirement, or sharing.
  7. By providing my latest photo, I am giving my consent to use that pic as my profile photo on the centralized page.
  8. I also understand that giving my consent about contacting me is completely optional, if I don’t want others to contact me and I just want to be available on this platform, I can always opt this in the information form below.
  9. I understand and know that participation of each and everyone here on this platform is completely voluntary and no one is obliged to do anything for anyone.
  10. I am also providing consent to use my contact information given on this platform to contact me personally or to remain in touch but I am not obliged to entertain every request. It’s my own personal choice to stay in connection or to reply to anyone’s message, call, or mail and I am not in any way obliged to entertain any request of anyone in any form.
  11. I also understand that I am being invited by Mahesh to voluntarily participate on this platform with no expectation from either of us and by doing so we are taking our already existing relationship to a next higher level.
  12. I also understand that whenever I want to leave this platform, I can do that without stating any reason. (Just by sending an email to connect@kyts.in regarding my decision to quit and to instruct that my profile will be deleted from this platform.