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People come to coaching for many different reasons. Some come to find a solution to the challenges they are currently facing, some come for finding clarity in their thought process so that they can move ahead in the right direction, some come for finding peace within and address their stress and anxiety level, some come for discovering their true calling and some come for growth from one level to another among many other different reasons to come for help. But if we see deeply we find the bottom line for people for opting for coaching is Change.

And here I want to emphasize on one of my favorite quotes, presumably from Confucius “If we do not change direction, we are liable to end up where we are headed.”. And yes, we all know that the world today is changing at a fast pace and if we need to stay relevant, to grow, to thrive we need to change with the pace.

A personal coach becomes a catalyst in our journey through this change. After observing, experiencing and having hands-on experience with hundreds of coaching clients, thousands of coaching hours and going through the experiences of other coaches, change-makers and leaders, I found that personal coaching is not about telling what to do? How to Do? When to Do? It’s not about instructing or showing the path. It’s even not about guiding or giving a solution. What I really found is coaching is all about addressing the whole person and assisting him to get away from his own way by providing new ways of thinking, different perspectives, asking soul searching questions and co-designing and co-creating the path ahead on one’s chosen a direction. And I also discovered that in effective and impactful coaching there is a very important role of emotions, feelings, and compassion and that’s why I kept the heart in the center of our coaching system.

Heart-Centered Co-active Personal Coaching System (HCCPCS) is designed by keeping the heart in the center and the process is focused around co-creating, co-designing and co-discovering solutions which are already inside of us.

The base of Heart-Centered Coaching lies in the foundation that we are human beings first then anything else in our physical world. Before a professional, business owner, student, husband, wife, son, daughter or any other relationship or designation, we are human beings first. All these relationships and designation comes always after. And if we human beings first then anything else, we are by default an emotional being first then anything else. And that is the foundation of Heart-Centered Coaching. Where it all starts from being a human being with emotions, feelings, and compassion. Its an integrated approach to coaching where the whole life of an individual is taken into account when co-creating and co-designing are executed.

I welcome you to explore the Heart-Centered Co-active Personal Coaching System and help me help you to get out of your own way and create a life you desire, and of-course deserve.

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