DINC – Do I Need Coaching?

Self assessment to understand whether you need Coaching at this point of time in your life.

A Brief Intro

This 10-question assessment based on psychological principles of being coachable will let you know whether you are really ready for Coaching at this time. This is not your usual generic coaching quiz. Instead, it contains 10 questions that allow you to look deeper into your personality, mindset and your current situation to find out are you really ready for Personal Coaching at this point in time.

Working with a personal coach does not only require an investment of your valuable time and energy but also commitment and willingness to change. This assessment will help you decide how much coachable you are at this point in time. This assessment will help you know yourself better and also to decide whether it’s right for you to go for coaching.

NOTE: Please remember that this is not about your decision to go for coaching or not but an indication of whether you need coaching at this point or not.

DINC Assessment 

As we discussed above, this questionnaire will not provide you with a definite answer but help you dive deeper inside of you and discover whether coaching you need or require at this point of time in your life.

NOTE: Though these questionnaires are for self-assessment the best results you will get when you discuss the result with your coach.  

Take Your Passion Assessment

Read it carefully before  taking the assessment

Please complete all items in the assessment. Rate each item on a scale of 1-5. Please choose a number that best represents your feeling, thoughts, and behaviour about the statement. You can scale the statement as per the following scale

1                                     2                                             3                                    4                                            5
Less True                                                                                                                                     Absolutely True

For example, if the statement you read is absolutely true in your present condition you can assign the number Five (5) to that statement and if it is Very Less True to your present condition you can assign it a number One (1). If it is Somewhat between these two extremes you can assign any number from 2 to 4 to express your response.

Detailed Passion Assessment

Have look at the below questions and take time to respond.

Remember, no matter what emotions arise (fear, judgment, regret, etc), be as honest with yourself as you can be.

Also, remember to have fun answering the questions and do not hold back. Let your imagination free flow.

Once you have answered all the questions, leave them for a while. Sleepover them and come back to them with fresh, objective eyes and observe any correlations in your answers. If you find any variations, do notice them?

Always keep in mind these questions have been designed to trigger some key passion indicators within yourself.

Here we go

  1. What are your 3 favorite topics to discuss? What could you talk about for hours if given an opportunity?

  2. What things in life really make you feel free? Make you feel happy?

  3. What 3 people who love and know you best tell you that you would be amazing at doing X, Y or Z for a living? Name that X, Y, and Z.

  4. What are your innate talents? What naturally flows for you without you even having to try?

  5. Think about 3 people that inspire you most in the world. Who are they and what is it about them that sparks something within you?

  6. If you were to wake up tomorrow morning feeling truly free and happily excited about your working day ahead, what would you be doing in the day ahead?

  7. If there are no issues, problems, and challenges of time and money for you, what you would find you doing?

  8. You are totally absorbed in your work. You are totally ‘in your element’ and time seems to have disappeared. What are you doing?

  9. Just think about what difference do you want to make in the world? And why?

  10. If you have got the opportunity that you can select a career of your choice, which career do you choose?

  11. If somebody wants to gift you an annual subscription of a magazine on your birthday, which type would you love it to be?

  12. Intrinsically, do you feel sometimes as you were actually born to do a particular thing?

  13. If you have been given an opportunity to choose something which you really love and you also have the guarantee that you would make money from it, what would you choose?

  14. What areas of life are you naturally drawn to?

  15. What do people come to you for information/advice? Which areas do people find you a little fountain of knowledge?

  16. What is something which you will do irrespective of money prospects?

  17. If you were to pioneer a cause around the world, and it was guaranteed to be a success, what would it be?

  18. What do you love to do when you have free time and not to worry about earning money? what is it that gives you that real buzz of excitement?

  19. If someone were to pay all of your living costs and expenses for 2 years, what work would you pursue at that time?

  20. When you were a child, what did you always dream of doing when you get older? What you thought of becoming when you get older?

  21. If you were to change 3 things in the world for the greater good, what would they be?

  22. What is it that you would regret not doing with your life if you were to die tomorrow?

  23. What would be the 3 things you would like to help people with?

  24. If you have been given an opportunity to learn from a successful entrepreneur in the world, who do you choose to teach you?

  25. If you have been given an opportunity to learn from successful entrepreneurs and they are ready to teach you over 3 years how to make money from 1 area of your choice, all for free. What do you choose?

  26. What piece of knowledge would you love to share with the world?

  27. The person that loves you the most in the whole world asks you if given a choice of what you would be doing with your life in order to be really happy. How do you respond?

  28. If you had 3 years left to live, what would you do?

  29. When you are dead and gone, what would you like people to say about the way you lived your life? How do you want to be remembered?

  30. What is that one thing or things about which when you talk about, you experience goosebumps and you feel exhilarated?


NOTE: Now re-read the statements and think once more about your responses and stated above already leave them for a while. Sleepover them and come back to them with fresh, objective eyes and observe any correlations in your answers. If you find any variations, do notice them and amend and correct your responses.

Hope you have taken the above-detailed assessment as suggested:

  • On a day when you were feeling relaxed and not stressed out
  • Picked up a cozy, comfortable place and were not interrupted
  • Considered each statement an opportunity to think deeply without any limitations and boundaries
  • Given you most open and honest submission

Now you must have got clues about what you are passionate about and what makes your life meaningful, significant and happy

  • workaround those areas and share this with your closest friend or person to have his/her views
  • If you are already in coaching do discuss and share the observations with your coach

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